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Lisa Wolpe
Artistic Director
L.A. Women's Shakespeare Company

“Wolpe brilliantly owns the stage.”
- The New Current, U.K.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Hearing that Lisa Wolpe was bringing her critically acclaimed show Shakespeare & The Alchemy of Gender to The Rose Playhouse intrigued me... The first words from her mouth are the immortal words of Hamlet and his infamous soliloquy and in that moment the audience is not just captured but are transfixed…"

“Lisa Wolpe is her own woman and joyfully speaks her mind, but her greatest legacy will undoubtedly be her creative vision and determination to create a platform and a voice for women, minorities and now the growing trans community in theatre. ”

“…contains some of the best Shakespeare performances I have seen. The play pays homage to her father, telling the man’s story and how he affected her life…”

“Definitely a must-see for anyone wanting to experience the work of one of the most notable proponents of cross-gender casting.”

“In her show she inhabited shifting realms of thought and myriad niches of human emotion. Such a joy and nourishment to see and hear Shakespeare played so truthfully and fully.”  

  “Ms. Wolpe knows how to tell stories, personal and Shakespearean, and she does so with power and panache. ”

“an engaging, heartrending, satisfying time in the theatre.”

“unexpectedly gut-wrenching, fascinating, thought-provoking, and in fact transcendent”

Kevin Vavasseur as Satan
in the 2010 production of M3,
directed by Lisa Wolpe



July 16 to August 14, 2016

HERE SubletSeries 145 6th Ave., NYC 10013
(Enter on Dominick, 1 Block S. of Spring)
Tickets: here.org or 212-352-3101


With Lisa Wolpe*, Nick Salamone*, & Mary Hodges*
Directed by Lisa Wolpe and Natsuko Ohama

“A brilliant portrait of a murderer, with a supernatural sizzle & a serious gender flip...”


The Alchemy of Gender is my autobiographical solo show, which I’ve toured to fabulous reviews from L.A. to London and through twenty other cities. In it I play Hamlet, Richard III, Shylock, and other great male characters.

These productions are part of SubletSeries@HERE: Co-op, HERE’s curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical support.

Info at: http://www.here.org

* These actors are appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association – AEA Showcase

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Lisa Wolpe, Artistic Director


interview by Kyle Moore

Pictured: Lisa Wolpe as Iago in "Othello"; Jen Chu as Lorenzo in "Merchant of Venice"; Natsuko Ohama as Prospero, Cynthia Ruffin, Tessa Thompson and Louisa Wood as Ariel in "The Tempest"

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Power & Mania
At Its Worst

Richard III

Directed by and Starring Lisa Wolpe
Cal Poly Pomona
Southern California Shakespeare Festival

September, 2011

Talkin' Broadway
"As a rule, if you have an opportunity to see Lisa Wolpe in a Shakespeare play, you should take it." - Sharon Perlmutter

Cal Poly


Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender 

See photos!

is beyond and about gender - an actor's journey written and performed by Lisa Wolpe, acclaimed Shakespearean Drag King. It's pages are torn from the libraries of the great Elizabethan Renaissance Mystery Schools. This is the story of a masterful performer peeking through the veil, a cosmic cartographer celebrating Shakespeare's most powerful work. Wolpe reveals the physical and spiritual secrets of cross-gender performance, and offers a rare insight into the making of the Great Bard's magic. A one-woman show, written, directed, and performed by Lisa Wolpe.

R E A D   A   R E V I E W

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