Things to Find Out Before You Select a Tutor in Los Angeles

Shakespeare’s works didn’t just make a mark in theatres. It also found its way into the American classrooms. His plays, like Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet feature in the English curriculum taught in American high schools. Though great, the works are profound and not easy for many people to understand, making the services of tutors necessary to help students understand and excel in tasks that involve Shakespeare’s work. It is, however, important to find a good tutor. You’ll find tips below on how to find the best tutor for your child from a large number of Local tutors in LA.

Education and Experience

The tutor you choose needs to possess the core knowledge necessary to help your child. You need to find out the level of education the tutor has and in what field. For the English classes involving Shakespeare’ work, what better person to help you than someone who has immersed himself/herself in Bard’s work after high school. It’s even better if you find one who has been teaching such lessons for a while. If you are considering someone who isn’t an experienced tutor, it is important that s/he should have recently gone through similar classes and excelled. In trying to determine just h qualified the tutor is, you should also find out the examination boards the tutor is familiar with.


You need to know where the tutor is willing to hold the tutoring sessions. This might not be an issue if you intend to use a virtual learning platform because then, distance is not an issue and the child can learn from the comfort of their home. However, if you think learning will take place better in a face to face session, you’ll need to agree on a meeting place.

Teaching Methods

You also need to determine the tutor’s teaching methods. Ask about how the long the session would need to be, how they will be made engaging, how they’ll be made fun, and who will be responsible for arranging the materials required for the lessons. You need to know if the tutor will provide the reading and writing materials or if you need to factor this in your costs. It is also important to find out how the tutor tracks the progress of the child. Does s/he give homework and if so, what amount. This is because a little work may be beneficial as long as it doesn’t overwhelm a child who already has homework from school. Further, find out how assessments are done.


Find out if there are any clients the tutor has worked with. If the tutor can provide testimonials, it can give you a better insight into what it will be like working with him/her. It is also the best way to find out if there are any issues to be concerned about. Though testimonials might be sufficient evidence of the tutor’s abilities, you should also check to make sure that the documentation presented is current.

Most importantly, you need to ensure maximum protection for your child. Therefore, you must check the tutor’s criminal record to make sure they are not wanted for any crime, and they are not listed as previous or wanted sex offenders.

The London Plane Tree

London has a variety of trees such as the gray alder, wild cherry, black poplar, acacia, planes, oaks, and maples, and mulberries, which the great bard himself is said to, have planted in Stratford-upon-Avon. Some are majestic while others are rather plain trees. The plane tree is definitely not one of the london plain tree. In the play, ‘two noble kinsmen,’ we find the words, ” Where a cedar higher than all the rest spreads like a plane” These words are thought to have been making reference to the plane tree (Platanus), which has been described as an extremely handsome tree that was quite scarce in England back in the 1540s.

This tree, whose likely ancestor, the oriental plane is thought to have been grown in France, in the old days; stands tall and huge with its impressive branching and unique often camouflage-patterned khaki bark. The tree’s appearance is majestic whether in winter or summer. It is a widely planted urban tree in London today; making up more than half of London’s tree population. It thrives even in sooty air and drought and outlives most of the other shade trees planted in urban environments. The tree also thrives in different kinds of soils, including loam, clay, and sandy, acidic or alkaline soils can be easily transplanted and is not affected by Anthracnose. Due to its big size, the tree would not grow well in a small space, but it provides a great shade when it grows. Aside from allergy concerns due to spores released from its fruits, the tree is a great addition to the streets of urban areas.

Richard III: Plays as Propaganda

Works of art and literature being used to forward a specific agenda is nothing new. In fact, even the great bard took part in this practice. The best example of this is his play Richard III which centers on the evil title character, chronicling his rise and fall from power.

Set during the final years of the Wars of the Roses, it basically shows how King Richard III’s so-called wicked reign set England towards one of its darkest periods. However, by the end of the play, we see order, peace, and prosperity restored with King Henry VII’s reign.

The play was written when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne. If you were not aware, Elizabeth I was a member of the House of Tudor. Her grandfather was Henry, Earl of Richmond who would later become King Henry VII. He would earn this title after deposing Richard III off the throne. His ascent to power would establish the Tudor dynasty.

The play shows what many historians refer to as the Tudor myth. The play forwards the legitimacy of the reigning noble house while also vilifying its rivals.

Macbeth’s Descent

Macbeth is a character that has inspired countless others in media and literature. He represents a protagonist’s journey from being the hero to the villain of his own story. Portraying a sense of tragedy and poetry, this descent into evil has been shown several times in popular culture, most recently in Breaking Bad’s Walter White. However, while these stories are good in their own right, it is vital that people understand that Shakespeare did it first.

At the start of the play, Macbeth is introduced as its warrior hero. His victories in battlefield would eventually win him great honor from the king. Essentially, Macbeth is a fully realized character with his own set of insecurities and weaknesses. This goes against the opinion many people have of him. As he murders King Duncan, he is filled with doubt and uncertainty.

As the play progresses, however, notable changes appear with Macbeth’s personality. The events in the play show how he would become the dominant partner in his marriage as he descends further into guilt and madness. However, like with all tragedies, he acquires an excess of pride and hubris which would lead to his eventual downfall.